VIKING/Norwegian footwear since 1920

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The Rubber boots Viking, are made of natural rubber which is elastic and waterproof, it gives great comfort and protection. We have a wide range of colors and original prints for children, to begin with a loving princesses for girls and get to the fearless Vikings for boys.

All rubber boots are handmade. The main difference between Viking rubber boots and others is that Viking is using natural rubber by 1920, developed for decades to reach its current characteristics – endurance, flexibility and nearly 30% lighter.

“Hevea Brasiliensis” is the Latin name of the rubber tree. Its features have been known since 1700, but its usage for commercial purposes begin in 1839. Natural rubber is the juice that is extracted from the bark of the tree, also known as liquid latex.

The motto of the Viking footwear is “Our focus is to provide shoes with the highest quality for our customers.”


SLS – the official representative of Viking footwear for Bulgaria.

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